About us 

CERApro® High-temperature-technology has more than twenty years of experience on the manufacturing process, interpretation and application of ceramic heating elements made of SiC. In cooperation with our partner Fa.TOKAI KONETSU KOGYO Co. Ltd. (TKK) in Japan, the world's largest manufacturer of SiC heating elements, which are manufactured under the brand name and marketed EREMA, is Ceraprotect ® you as an experienced partner in matters of SiC heating elements at your disposal. Ceraprotect ® helps you both in the design of new as well as the optimization of existing plants.

Founded in 1936, the TKK is today one of the largest graphite producer in the world, the TOKAI CARBON busy, and at several locations in the manufacture of SiC heating elements, more than 300 employees. Focused on customer satisfaction and most continuous product improvement, was already in the 60s Globar based technology based on Lizensnahme-introduced and a high degree of scientific basis of technical work in production.

A continuous product improvement, in conjunction with Japanese understanding of quality due to the currently known and appreciated the superior state of the art of EREMA heating elements. Thus, today more than 160,000 heaters are produced annually and to customers for various applications (zBSchmelzen and holding of ferrous metals, production of ferrites, production of technical ceramics and glass, used in furnaces) were delivered. With two years ago with German know-how built and put into operation menem new plant in Shanghai / China has TKK on the world's most advanced manufacturing facility for SiC heating elements.

For decades, customers such as Kyocera, AVX Roam, Phillips, Murata, Hitachi, Samsung, LG, TDK, Toshiba, NEC, Hoya and many other supplies with extremely high reproducibility of EREMA SiC heating elements, and these companies secure a predictable high quality product. EREMA produces heating elements with fine grain structure, both in one-piece and multi-piece design. Besides the known Heizelementtypen (EREMA ED / E & F, EREMA CA / SD, SG EREMA bzw.SGR EREMA and U) are also different types of special EREMA SiC heating elements manufactured.

The range is very diverse and is in heating element to have diameters of 8 to 3.5 m to 55 mm and lengths.

The nearly 80 years of product experience, combined with a very high integrated share the latest findings in technology for the production of species-specific SiC bonds for SiC heating elements and moldings, as well as world-leading share of annual appliqued applications in key industrial sectors with the highest reproducibility of quality are a testament to the leading role of TKK.