EREMA heating elements

EREMA_SiC_ProdukteThe heating elements are ceramic heating elements made of fine-grained silicon carbide (SiC), depending on the version in the temperature range of

400 ° C to 1650 ° C and have found application. Based on more than 70 years of experience, the preparation of the heating elements in Japan, according to the applicable quality standards. The use of the heating elements are in different application areas such as:

Heat treatment of metals - keeping warm and melting of metals - used in the manufacture of glass - Manufacturing of Advanced Ceramics and Porcelain - Production of
Ferrites - electrical engineering, and decorative household ceramics.

Unlike metallic heating elements or heating elements MoSi2 heating elements EREMA are characterized by high strength values, which are temperature independent and thus allow a free, self-sustaining operation. Another advantage is the EREMA heating elements, besides the high power density of up to 250 kW / m², in the low wettability of EREMA heating elements by non-melting. The measurement of electrical resistance occurs due to material at 1000 ° C (1400 ° C for CA / SD) - are measured values ​​of the resistance (R) in the lower temperature range only limited relevance.

EREMA SiC heating elements are heating elements of the Fa.TOKAJ Konetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.. the world's largest manufacturer of SiC heating elements (SiC heating elements EREMA more than 160,000 per year). The production of the heating elements is EREMA since 1936, at two locations in Japan and China. Dedicated to continuous product improvement and customer satisfaction, was in Asia, the world's newest, most are taken by German know-how built up production, the production of SiC heating elements in operation a few years ago.

Ceraprotect ® High Temperature Technology Ltd. has years of experience in the production, interpretation, application, service and operation of SiC heating elements.

To improve the service life in corrosive and aggressive applications that can be treated EREMA heating elements with our TES ® protection against oxidation. EREMA treated with TES ® heating elements are particularly distinguished by their durability and corrosion resistance at the optimum value for money.