EDEFU project

The general objective of EDEFU project is to develop new technologies for heating, new insulation and fireproof materials on new designs for innovative methods for the treatment of residues in furnaces for nonferrous metals, glass, ceramics and cement industries to improve. The evaluation of the success of the project is the validation of the real scale demonstration models and prototypes of integrating the new technologies mentioned above are realized. Thanks to the project, the following improvements are expected: 20% reduction in energy consumption with current systems, zero particulate emissions into the atmosphere and the conversion of heat into usable energy, the reduction of at least 50% of production is to be expected of residues compared with innovative system recovery and reuse of residues of 100% of the produced CO

These developments will enable the generation of new furnaces with more energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. In addition to these new technologies allow for efficient reach operating conditions: reducing the time of the merger, lower power consumption in areas of maintenance and energy storage. In the longer term, the project will significantly contribute to the competitiveness of the foundry, glass, cement and ceramic industries are often not economically favored by new environmental regulations on the European industry to increase.

The results obtained are of direct use in these industries and can be indirectly applied to other industries such as automotive, aerospace, railroad industry. These four target industries actually contribute to producing components for vehicles (engine aluminum block), construction (cement for buildings), ceramic tile, brick, porcelain, street furniture, food industry (coal-cutter, driver) and Electronics: housing, Connectors, electrical industry, cable, subjection of electrical installation.